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Friday, October 10th, 2003
1:43 am - dumb Proletarins dumber bobo's

This is exactly what is wrong with proles today. You proletarins only know designer labels and expensive coffee you dont even take the time to learn anything about affluent culture. You have no idea how to make it with people in the know. Then when you arrive at a gala with a total disregared of ettiqute(sp?) you get treated badly and you spend the rest of your life satorizing(sp?) wealthy americans while buying as much luxury iteams as you can(while pronoucing the X as a g in the word luxury )

typical class X/bobo/hipster conversation:

"did you see my new AX t-shirt" (not knowing its vulgar to wear undergarments in public and that while paying a substantial amount for the "t" it makes you look even more like a prole.
" o i know hey look at those people over there, their clothes dont have logos on them and there driving a dirty dented lexus (because its a weekday) why are they at this bistro? they're so trash"
"i know look at his watch who is Paket Phillpee anyway? I'd only date a many with a rolex like my new boyfriend so totally has one its a qautrz date just (worth 800 but you think its worth 10k)"
"watier ill have a perier what are they having over there Petrus? whats that? it doesnt even sound expensive"

You proles are so stupid. I love wacthing you enter in a resturant/gala/bar and seeing you make asses out of your self while everyone else sees trough you like leaded crystal.

But this comminty has peaked my intrest. I'll love reading all about your pathetic atemps to insult the affluent.

current mood: amused

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Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
1:57 pm - Muffy and Buffy on Nifty.

We Know Nifty.

current mood: mischievous

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Monday, March 25th, 2002
1:04 pm - Muffy and Buffy on Surveys

1. You are at a luncheon. They are serving salmon slivers and cucumber sandwiches and Perrier. What shoes do you wear?
A. Simple white kid pumps.
B. Those kicky little black silk heels you found in London.
C. They expect you to drink Perrier?!?!?

2. You are at a premiere party for a new Arnold Schwarzenegger flick. A man comes up to you and asks for your number. Do you
A: Bat your lashes and give it to him.
B: Ask for his number instead.
C: It's irrelevant because you'd never be caught dead at any premiere that wasn't an Oscar hopeful anyway.

3. You're supposed to got yachting for the weekend with mumsie and daddy but due to silly airline restrictions you have to pare down on what you usually take. Do you:
A. Pack light, it's only a weekend.
B. Tell the maid to only pack essentials.
C. SAR be damned, we're going to have to stop at Bloomies anyway.

4. In these times of burgeoning patriotism, what do you feel is the best way to show your American pride?
A. Red, white, and blue Prada bag
B. Bald Eagle sweater set from Vera Wang
C. Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire earrings

5. Which dog is the perfect accessory pet for a weekend in the country?
A. Poopsie (Poodle)
B. Schnookums (Pom)
C. Gerhardt (Great Dane)

6. Your SO calls and says he can't make your date due to work. Do you:
A. Accept it gracefully, call a friend and have fun anyway.
B. Call a friend and tell her that your SO needs to get his priorities straight.
C. Work? What is work?

7. You've just found out that your winter retreat, an uber exclusive salon and spa in Aspen, has given away a pair of tickets as a promotional gimmick. The winners are definitely not YOUR kind of people. You've decided to change your winter vacation plans. Where do you go?
A. The Caribbean Islands- Toasting the New Year with a drink that comes with a little umbrella sounds cool.
B. Europe- A cozy Swiss Chalet with handsome blonde ski instructors is just the thing to revive your flagging spirits.
C. Have Daddy buy the uber exclusive salon and spa and turn it into your own private Winter Wonderland.

8. You think children are:
A. A wonderful fashion accessory after you marry.
B. To be seen and not heard.
C The reason there are Nannies.

9. You've been invited to see the new yacht of a Sorority Sister. The invite states that you will be sailing promptly at 6. Your date book shows you have a nail appointment at that time. Do you....
A. Cancel the nail appointment and go sailing.
B. Call your friend and send your regrets but you've an important meeting that can't be delayed.
C. No question. You bring Ivan, your nail design specialist with you.

10. You're shopping at Blomingdales and your credit card is declined. Do you...
A. Call Daddy to straighten out the mess.
B. Quickly mail off a payment.
C. Bloomingdales? What? I'm stuck in the land of no chic?

How did you score darlings?

If you got mostly A's:
You can't even spell Prada, can you?

Mostly B's:
Keep trying dear, someday you might rate as high as our pool boy.

Mostly C's:
I'm sure if you scored mostly C's you've already recieved your invite for our Easter party in the Hamptons.

current mood: accomplished

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Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
9:01 pm - Intro

Meet Muffy and Buffy, share their trials and tribulations. Yes, this is just so the darn page won't look dead, dreary and empty.

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